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We are in the process of proposing to have a State of the Art (Non for Profit 501(c)3) Technology Resource Center for all residents to enjoy in South Lake County.  Similar to a College or a Technical Institution, but with free admission to our facility, Computers, and classes. Open to ages 14 to Adult (An adult must accompany younger).

A Center that will also allow you to utilize our various resources such as Resume Building and self-taught software applications housed on our computers.

How about learning a New Language or signing up for a class on using that new Camera?

Local technology businesses teach our programs, entrepreneurs like yourself, Community Educators, and those enrolled in our programs who have shown to excel in any area and help others.

With your generous donation, volunteer work, grants, and services that we will be providing to the public at a discounted price such as Computer repair & Cleanup, Web Design Solutions, and much more, will help the center offset costs.

What Others Have to Say!

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My name is Timothy Murry, while I am retired with more than 22 years in the U S Air Force and 21 years with the U S Postal Service, I am currently serving as Mayor of Clermont Florida. I met Sterling Reed and his wife about a year ago through a mutual friend and by attending monthly breakfasts hosted by South Lake Chamber of Commerce. As the successful owner of Virbrantek Solutions, Mr. Sterling is more than qualified to provide the service in his proposal. As the use of Technology in all aspects of business throughout the world, the proposed service will be a valuable resource to help our youth to prepare to enter the workforce as well as helping young adults to remain competitive in the business world. Much thanks to Mr. Sterling for willing to take the chance to provide this service for the residents of the South Lake community.


My name is Kassier Murry. I am a friend of both Sterling and Benita Reed. Sterling Reed is a very qualified individual because he is compassionate about teaching and educating others for a better way of life. He sees the need to educate others on Technology in order to operate in today’s society, where everything is computerized. His thirst for teaching our adults and youth about computer technology in this ever changing world, will enable others to be able to work in a high tech environment, no matter where they live.


I am the founder and C.E.O. of Give A Day Foundation. I met Sterling Reed three years ago at our men’s group gathering at church. Sterling and I became friends instantly and over the years have built a deep connection with each other.

I also serve as one of the directors on the South Lake Chamber of Commerce board. Sterling joined the chamber a few years ago and has become a rock star in our community. Many people in the community now rely on his services and his commitment to work through any technology challenges that arise.

A year ago, I asked Sterling if he would like to become one of our board members for the foundation which he gladly accepted. Sterling has helped design three of our websites and is working on a scheduling program for our volunteer organization.

Not only has Sterling shown his ability to be the top of his class when it comes to computer repair, Technology and programming, he has shown excellent teaching skills as he has lead seminars for our South Lake Nonprofit Think Tank. Sterling also works as a mentor and provides internship for one of the young men in our Champion Circle youth empowerment program.

Sterling has spoken to me about one of the visions he has which is to create a technology resource center. Having a program like this available in our community would be a game changer and could possibly change the trajectory of many youths and adult lives. It would open up so many possibilities for those that might not have access to training such as this. I commend Sterling for proposing this idea and am hoping we can help him make it a reality!


I am involved with Sterling with the South Lake Chamber, Non-Profit Think Tank, I have utilized and will continue to utilize the service offered by Vibrantek Solutions, and Sterling is a client of mine for Legal Shield

Sterling has shown superior skills with computer hardware and Software and goes over and above to solve a clients computer issues.

There is a tremendous need for everyone to be technologically capable to stay in touch with todays society. If you do not have the right training and knowledge as it relates to computer hardware and Software or you will be left behind in todays job market.

Founder & Owner of Ketih Whitacre Consulting, Co-owner and founder K.M.A. & Associates, Sales Manager for Legal Shield, One the Founder and Coordinator for the Food Providers of South Lake


In my experience of teaching adults in the third world for the past 25 years in 25+ countries has taught me that education and giving someone the opportunity to learn, are the real answers to changing someone’s financial and success legacy. More importantly, it is what is the differentiator to pulling people out of poverty. Having a leader like Sterling Reed who has for certain the qualifications to produce the opportunities in the Tech Space for the youth in our community, but he is a true example of climbing his way out of a very difficult situation and being an example as a leader, business person, and family man in our community. I am excited that Sterling has decided to take this on for the Clermonth community, and will look forward to helping him make it a success if he needs my help.


I am a retired Administrative Assistant, now a Writer, who had the opportunity to work with Sterling and Vibrantek, through the Law Firm I worked for, as he serviced our network. I was so impressed with his knowledge, professionalism and capability, that I also became a client, and part time contractor of his. I am convinced that all who are involved with ‘Random Outreach Foundation’ will flourish. I applaud Sterling’s commitment to share his wheelhouse of experience.


My name is Karen Marzano, I am a retired business owner near Chicago, IL.  I ran a marketing/advertising company for a number of years.  My company was involved with T.V., radio, print and internet marketing.    I was introduced to Sterling Reed in 2007.  His talents and expertise helped me grow my advertising business.   We worked together on a number of projects.   His design capabilities are extremely good.  His talents are incredible.   I employed a group of designers and technical people, but Sterling was always head and shoulders above my group.   Sterling is a technical whiz for troubleshooting.  Also, he is honest, reliable and the go-to person that proved invaluable to my company.  If he is involved with Training young persons or adults, he will be a Great Asset.   His demeanor is always patient and caring.  He has a big heart.  I know he will be successful with his proposed new organization!


My name is Charmaine Baker and I have utilized the services of Vibrantek for the past seven years. When I heard about Sterling’s plans regarding the South Lake Technology Resource Center I just had to comment on his initiative to once again  share his knowledge and expertise with others especially the youth of our nation. It is imperative for this generation to fully command a thorough knowledge of internet capabilities in order to not just exist and maintain a job but to prosper and advance in their chosen field. These young adults need the capability of access to costly equipment but also continued education that is not normally provided in the classroom. Individual guidance is paramount to their success and Sterling is more than capable of providing that knowledge along with a sense of proper business management. Anyone working with Sterling will automatically pick up on his mannerisms and unique personality traits of problem solving and investigating without frustration. They will learn to never give up which will carry over to other facets of their lives along with applying that attitude to future study courses and life in general.

I am 77 years young and my association with Vibrantek began 7 years ago when I retired from a large credit union that I worked at for almost 20 years. I was S.V.P. of Real Estate Operations including 1st Mortgages. I was on the Executive Team and the Merger Team. When I retired we had 26 Branches in three states – I.L., IN, NV.  Retirement meant I no longer had the entire I.T. Dept at my disposal – – thus enter Vibrantek.  What began as a monthly Maintenance Service quickly turned into a friendship with Sterling and Benita. I mentioned my age to let you know how professional and caring they are and how they will conduct themselves with the older adults at the Resource Center.



Sterling is an expert on computers, Software, websites and all platforms! His website creations are fabulous!!!

This proposed new South Lake Technology Resource Center program will be an absolute essential necessity here in South Lake for children, adults, senior citizens, non-profit organizations, businesses and everyone! He is very talented, creative, resourceful and always willing to collaborate!

President of Marketing Solutions – A marketing, branding and P.R. agency and President of Art Beautiful – a commercial and fine art photography business.


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    Is there an age restriction?

    14 yrs. Old to adult. An adult must accompany anyone younger at all time

    Is this a School?

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    Is there a Cost?

    Our Facility is open to the general public, and some of our programs are as well. We offer special programs for an additional cost, but it is at a bare minimum to cover guest appearance, some lectures, administrative and facilitator costs. But you don’t have to pay to enter the general area.

    I am on a low income and can't afford the Paid Programs, but I am interested?

    We turn no one away! Give us a call or stop by our office to discuss. 

    What's the Difference between your Facility & my local Library?

    Our computers are already filled with learning technology, Software, media, apps, and tutorials where the library computers may be limited to these offers.

    Who Teaches the Programs?

    Local technology businesses teach our programs, entrepreneurs like yourself, Community Educators, and those enrolled in our programs who have shown to excel in any area and help others.

    Hour of Operation?

    To Be Determined

    What other Services Will you Offer?
    • Rent A Laptop (Sign Out) (I.D. is required)
    • In-House Laptop Usage (Used at the Facility Only. I.D. is required)
    • Purchase Flash Drive and other Devices
    • In-House Computer Repaired by Peers at a discounted price
    My School Offers Computer Classes, what makes this Center any Different?

    You won’t be graded! This is a fun opportunity to learn at your own pace, get additional help with your studies, collaborate, and build something extraordinary together.

    If this is a non for profit, how will you keep the lights on?
    • Monetary Donations (One time and Recurring Donations)
    • For Fee Programs
    • Our in-house Team does computer Repairs at a discounted price
    • Web Design and other In-House Services done for consumers at a discounted price
    • Computer | Laptop Sells
    • Fund Raiser
    • Sponsorship
    • Hosted Events
    • In-House Purchases (Flash Drives and Devices)
    • Laptop Rentals
    • Advanced Online Software Enrollment Programs
    • Grants
    What Services are Free?
    • Access to the Computer Lab (Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome Book, and Printers) during business hours.
    • Access to Software online tutorials
    • And many of our taught programs and lectures
    What Software will be on the Computers?
    • Office 2019-2021 Full Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Project, Access)
    • Office Tutorial Training
    • Adobe CS6 Master Collection
    • Rosetta Stones Languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Italian, and much more)
    • Math Helper app
    • Resume Builder App
    • Microsoft Office Full Suite
    • Typing Tutor
    • Selective Suite of Video Tutorials
    • Graphics Art Software
    • Programming Apps.
    • Audio Books & Much More
    I'm not Computer Savvy, and I just want a Computer to Work on?

    No Problem! The computers are here for you to use. Need to apply for a job or surf the internet? It’s for all of your resource needs.

    Can I access the Programs and Services Online as well?

    At some point, we will be adding additional programs and services online.

    Continue to follow us at for updates

    What about Accessibility?

    Our facilities are accessible, and we have computers set up on the Mac and Windows side to accommodate your needs. Just ask a facilitator to help you get set up. Our facilitators will be trained in these areas. Also, we have workstations configured in Spanish.

    I have Other Questions that are not answered here?

    Use our Contact Form, and we’ll respond within 24 Business Hours.